Products That Can Contribute to Premature Ageing

As a rule, people take drastic measures: they are not ready to take care of themselves on a daily basis, but they run to plastic surgeons when the matter requires a quick solution. If you don’t want to age prematurely, eliminate these foods from your diet.

Alcoholic drinks

Alcohol is a quick way to get old. If you take it daily, and even more so opt for sweet cocktails, your collagen fibres will break down, antioxidants will run away, and your liver will not say “thank you”. The result is loose, wrinkled, earthy skin that even a luxury brand foundation can’t bring to life. In addition, alcohol often stimulates the appetite and brings back memories of cigarettes. But this does not apply at all to a small glass of wine, especially if it is dry. You can afford this alternative while pressing the TonyBet App Login button to play your favourite games.



Have you heard of “glycation”? This is a process that starts after every candy or cake is eaten. Once sugar enters the body, it sticks to elastin and collagen molecules, causing them to become useless and stop functioning. Unfortunately, this process is irreversible and leads to deep wrinkles. 


One of the prerequisites for youth is the presence of a sufficient amount of water in the skin cells. But salt, unfortunately, leads to dehydration and triggers the ageing process. As a result, the skin becomes dry, flabby and acquires a grey tint. The “white death” should be phased out gradually: first, reduce pickles, chips, and crackers, and then stop adding salt to salads and other dishes that do not require it.

Energy Drinks

It seems that energy is one of the signs of youth. Yes, but not the one derived from harmful energy drinks. In fact, this is a mixture of salt, sugar and caffeine – a shock dose that will give you strength for an hour, but in the future, it will take away not only good spirits but also youth. An energy drink is like a loan with interest – you will give back much more than you took.

Refined oil

Refined oil has a beautiful shade and a pleasant smell, but there is not enough benefit in it. While the distillation process is going on, useful substances are washed out along with harmful substances. So in the end, we get vegetable fats with additives that spoil the figure, gaining excess weight. As a result, blood vessels become clogged, and the work of the cardiovascular system leaves much to be desired. But unrefined olive or linseed oil, on the contrary, improves the functioning of the body and gives the skin elasticity.

Trans fats

Trans fats

In order for the skin to look healthy, it is important to ensure normal blood circulation: then the cells will receive a sufficient amount of oxygen and useful trace elements. But if you include trans fats in your diet, blood vessels will begin to clog, and cholesterol levels will jump to the highest levels. So is it worth it? Or is it better to give up pastries, chips and margarine in favour of health and good looks?


Coffee contributes to dehydration of the body, and hence the premature appearance of wrinkles and skin ageing. In addition, because of coffee, teeth acquire an unpleasant yellow tint, which is in no way associated with youth and beauty.

Fried foods

Fried potatoes, chicken legs and bacon are the perfect breakfast for those who want to look older than their years. And all because such products destroy collagen cells, giving the skin a tired look. If you want to eat something hearty, it is better to choose cereals, eggs, nuts and protein salads.

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