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Sports bets are games made on events in the sports segment, such as a football match, basketball, volleyball, an MMA fight or a race of Moto GP or Formula 1, for example.

However, it is not simply to arrive and bet, it is necessary to analyse the whole scenario and the value of the odds, and here we come to the formula of odds.

The odds are exactly the odds of such a fact happen in the event, ie, the easier the situation, the lower its value and greater the chance of success.

The bookmakers make an account before opening the betting market, in them, the values are established after several analyses.

For example, with Messi on the field Barcelona wins 10 out of 9 matches, already without him, they win 5 out of 10.

Based on this we can already predict that with the Argentine playing the odds will be low, but without him, the value can practically double.

This is just one situation to take into account, but bookmakers analyse many more factors, after all, it is necessary to adapt to each game situation.

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But after all, is it possible to use the odds formula in my favour?

Yes, it is possible, but not always in the betting world the bigger odds are interesting. Let’s take another example. Cristiano Ronaldo’s Juventus will face Lecce at home.

The odds point to the Old Lady as super favourites, and they are, but with that the odds are way down, paying just @1.05.

The odds of the bet being won are gigantic, but it is not a value operation in the betting world.

Therefore, in sports betting you should yes use the odds formula on your side, but not only that, being necessary to seek additional information and find a good value betting option.

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Odds formula

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