Tips for Writing Professional Email

The way in which you express yourself says a lot about you, especially when you need to communicate in the work place with people of higher hierarchies that you have not probably met yet. writing professional email is of essence to communicate with people above you or even with potential clients of your own.

The first thing to take into account is keep it simple, clear and go to the point, tell exactly what you expect to happen with your Email. 4 to 10 sentences top. Think of a proper intro and address your contact formally, if he does not you, shortly introduce yourself. The content must be short and easy to read.

Once the content is written, you will want to start closing remarks. Again, if you do not really know the person you are writing the Email to, it would be a good idea to end with a polite thank you note as “Thank you for finding the time”, “Thank you for your cooperation” and other common phrases.

The standard sign offs in business environment are “Sincerely” “Best wishes” and “Hope hearing from you soon” and other common lines. If you have received a formal letter from the company, read how the signed off and do the same.

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